Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Brave Cat and the Mocking Bird Song


One spring afternoon, as Grammy and I sat at her patio table, eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking lemonade, I asked her, “Who is Timothy?”

Grammy smiled and hastily wiped a tear from her eye before she replied. “Timothy was the bravest, kindest and most loving kitty that ever has lived. He was my assistant who helped the nuns at school teach the children about stewardship. I took him to school with me one day so the children could meet him.  When I carried him into the kindergarten classroom, all thirty children shouted “Timothy! Timothy! Timothy! and rushed to the carry cage he was in, grabbing it and shaking it in their efforts to hug him. Fortunately Sister Angelica and I were able to restore order and keep Timothy safe in his cage. The children had loved his visit but all future visits were done with pictures and stories. Some day I will share them with you.  Now let me tell you how my garden began.”


My garden began in 1984, long before Timothy was a twinkle in his Daddy’s eyes. The time was 3:32 in the morning and a mocking bird sat on an electric line outside my bedroom window, his chirps, trills and tweets filling the night sky and depriving me of any sleep. I had to go to my job at Internal Revenue Service in a few hours. I had an important job stacking papers and moving the stacks to other offices where they were put into envelopes and mailed to unsuspecting people. I had no time to listen to the songs of some bird.

I yelled at him to be silent. He sang louder.

I clapped my hands to scare him off. He waved his wings, perhaps to scare me off.

At last he lifted up from the wire to fly off and that was when I discovered that he had only one leg. Sorrow grabbed me as I remembered my science teacher of many years past say that injured animals cannot survive in the wild. I cried, thinking that while I would be at work, this poor creature would fall to the ground and never get back up. I had many years of life left, the mocking bird had only hours left.

Work was long and difficult that day. Night was bleak and black until at 3:32, I heard the familiar song. Laughing, I stared out my bedroom window to see the mocking bird in all his glory. I slept peacefully that night and every night for the next five years of the mocking bird’s life. He faithfully watched over me as I worked at building a garden where he and his friends could live in peace. How I would love to find my old science teacher and tell him “Yes, injured animals can survive in the wild.”

Posted by Diana for Margaret

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Cat Fight

Yolkie and Donny having a frank discussion

Face to face the two cats drift,
Ready to start their nightly rift.

Yellow-striped tom, black/white kitten
Done with sleepin', tired of sittin'.

Backs arch up, claws extend,
Doing what the gods intend.

Snarling teeth, lemon eyes,
Furs fluff up, tails rise.

Yowl on the left, howl on the right.
This'll be a marvelous fight!

Dogs start barking, trying to wake us
With their warnings 'bout the fracas.

Meows roar, Hisses spit.
Their weapons grow. This is it!

Human curses go unheeded.
Cat serenades are most needed.

Cat fur sparks 'lectric fire.
Tension mounts. Nerves go higher.

Creeping up in treacherous paces,
Cats mark out ter’torial spaces.

Now the cats grow more intense
As neighbors gawk in suspense.

To watch such  gore is a sin.
What the heck! Let the fight begin!

Teeth to tail! Chomp and bite!
Such a battle could last all night.

But first a pause, folks, if you please,
While kitties stop and scratch their fleas.

Posted by Diana for Margaret

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Canine Patrol

Wake up, doggies! Today’s the day.
Springtime weather is on its way.
Time for cats to snuggle down,
Time for dogs to run around.

Let’s get started. Time’s a wastin’!
Gotta do a lot of chasin’.
Bite the bushes! Eat the flowers!
Run your path for hours and hours.

Run and jump. Hop and leap.
Tromp new sod grass with your feet.
Mamma won’t care. What the heck.
She won’t even ring your neck.

Round and round the house we go.
Hurry up! Don’t be so slow!
Front yard, back yard, fence to tree
Where we stop to look and see.

Run around with nose to the ground
Look for squirrels who can’t be found.
Snurt and snort, spit and snuffle.
Don’t you dare let your feet shuffle.

Tails waggin’, ears held high.
Look out folks. Doggies passing by!
UPS driver, don’t  you stay!
Mail truck, be on your way!

Mamma and Daddy are in the car.
It’s okay, they won’t go far.
But for us, we must decide
To keep on running or take a ride.

When comes night, we snore and snurf
While the cats invade our turf.
But all is fine; It’s okay.
Tomorrow will be another day.

Posted by Diana for Margaret

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Welcome to Grammy's Garden

Good morning. Such a lovely day today. Who am I you ask? Just call me Grammy. That's what my grandchildren and all the neighborhood children call me. The photo is a picture of the entrance to my garden that I started over thirty years ago. I was young and innocent back then. I thought all I needed to make a garden grow was a hoe, rake and packet of seeds. Well, that was a good start but we all know that it is only a start. So who helped me get my garden off and running so to speak? The animals. It started out with a mocking bird that sang only in the middle of the night and still has no ending.

Posted by Diana for Margaret