Saturday, April 1, 2017

Kitty Cat Work

Our cats stay very busy every day. They work from morning to night. Or is it night to morning? Anyway, here are some photos of them hard at work.

Feeding the Hungry

Yolkie in his younger years loved to eat. And his outdoor cousins love to eat too. When his cousins look for food, they search the yard and garden for frogs and lizards and rodents and even snakes. Sometimes they look for squirrels and birds but it is easier to catch the frogs and lizards.

When Yolkie looks for food, he goes to the refrigerator. He says that's not as hard work as hunting in the garden.

Doing Homework

Even animals must go to school. Their schools are their mothers who teach them how to fight and hunt and make hiding places.

When Little Bit goes to school she goes to our computer. I don't think she learns much from it.

Yolkie helping Little Bit with his homework.

"Hey Little Bit," Yolkie said, "Do you think Saint Francis might help us? I just found a dead mouse in the printer."

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