Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dog Gone Mail Delivery

Woofie is a happy dog who lives in a housing development in Florida. There are hundreds of houses and women with cars and boys with bikes, men with motorcycles, little girls with doll carriages, and the most beautiful truck in the world - a white mail truck. Woofie loves the people and their vehicles, especially the white mail truck driven by Mr. McNutter, the postman. Woofie wished that he could get a mail truck to drive.

Every day that Mr. McNutter drove into the development, Woofie jumped up and down, barking and running after the truck to let Mr. McNutter stop and give him a ride. But Mr. McNutter never did that. He just leaned on the truck horn and shouted, "Get out of my way, you mangy mutt!" Poor Woofie was so sad.

One day, however, Woofie saw Mr. McNutter get out of his truck and carry some packages to a house. This was Woofie's big chance. He stayed a distance away until Mr. McNutter bounded up steps to a wide porch on a big yellow house. Woofie ran for the truck and jumped in and landed on the driver's seat and grabbed the steering wheel and looked out the windows. What joy he felt! Then the truck started to move down the incline in the road, slowly at first, then faster and faster as the people started screaming and running after the truck heading for a tree. Woofie thought at last the people knew how to play "Catch the Truck."

Then the truck came to a hard stop against the tree, leaving a dent on the truck's fender.

The boys ran to Woofie and grabbed him as he fell out of the truck.

The girls hugged Woofie and said, "Are you all right Woofie?"

The women petted Woofie and the men praised him for his courage.
And Mr. McNutter said, "You dumb dog. Look what you did to my truck."

Woofie thought that Mr. McNutter just wanted to play with his truck again so Woofie jumped up and slurped Mr. McNutter's face before trotting off to tell his family about his wonderful adventure.

That was the last time Woofie drove the mail truck but he got rides from other places, like the women's cars, boys' bikes, men's motorcycles and girls' doll carriages. As for Mr. McNutter? Well, he moved to a desert island where everyone has to go to the post office to get their own mail. Well, okay, so this story isn't all that true. Mr. McNutter never moved to a desert island. He stayed in his house and delivered the mail for another ten years before retiring and taking up gardening. As for Woofie becoming Mr. McNutter's friend? In your dreams. But it's okay. Every time Mr. McNutter runs after Woofie, Woofie barks in joy because he just knows the man is really playing tag with him and that makes them best friends.

Posted by Diana for Margaret

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